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 iceseek's application

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PostSubject: iceseek's application   Sat Nov 10, 2012 2:12 pm

Nick van zwienen

Birth Date*
27 october 1993


Adicional information

Do you have micro?*


Previous clans*
-=RH=-, >>KH<<, <aFo>, reVival., VOC, tBkZ, FGT.

How long do u play?*
im playing atm for like 5 or 6 years.

Whats ur jumping experience?
i dunno :s i can do most jumps but there are ppl that can do it better Razz

Whats ur programmation experience?
i dont got any experience in programmation

Why do you want to join?*
because i am searching for a team to play pcw's and cw's with.
and this team is a really nice team, not only in playing but is also friendly ( for so far i know Razz).

How good do you speak english?
i think my english is good enough, its not perfect but the most people will understand it Razz

Clanbase, Urban Zone and Urban Terror ID*
Clanbase ID: 10178618
Clanbase alias: IceSeeK

Urban-Zone alias: IceSeeK

Urban Terror ID: #64328
Urban Terror alias: IceSeeK
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iceseek's application
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