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 G$u$ aka McLovin! application

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PostSubject: G$u$ aka McLovin! application   Sun Dec 09, 2012 3:09 am

Personal information
Amar Sowdagar

Birth Date:


Additional information
Do you have micro?
Yeah and it works Razz

G$u$, McLovin!

How long do u play?
In total i think 5 years! Started in 2002 and stopped in 2006/2007.
I started like 1-2 months ago again.

Previous clans:
Clans from before 2007: jF, tDt, WhP, FMJ, FMC
Clans since 2012: none

Whats ur jumping experience?
Its okay i guess kinda average! I aint no pro jumper or smth

Whats ur programmation experience?
Euhm none at all... but i handle if problems happen with my computer

Why do you want to join?
Im lookin for a nice clan which is active!
I want to start playin wars again.
I didnt play much urt the last few years so no one knows me!
Because of this no one wants to give me a chance to recruit me Sad

How good do you speak english?
I think my english is of an adequate level.
Please dont make me do an english test Razz

Clanbase, Urban Zone and Urban Terror ID:
Nick: G$u$
ID: 8561346 (hid: 2288175)

Urban zone
Nick: G$u$

Urban Terror
Nick: Gsus
ID: #73972
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PostSubject: Re: G$u$ aka McLovin! application   Sun Dec 09, 2012 5:40 pm

yo man come to our ts3:
pw: nutshake
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G$u$ aka McLovin! application
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